An elegant and lightweight RSS client and news reader for your Mac. Download for free on the Mac App Store. Feedy uses tweet data to rate the popularity of each story, helping you find the content that is most interesting and noteworthy.

Never Miss What's Important

Feedy assigns each item in your feeds a rating. The rating is generated based on the number of tweets mentioning the article, which is a powerful metric of how interesting and noteworthy an article is. Feedy also assigns high ratings for feeds that update infrequently, so you don't miss that rare post from your favorite small website or blog.

Clutter-Free Reading

Catch up on the latest news with support for clutter-free reading of full-length articles directly within the app. Feedy automatically detects the best reading mode for an article, or you can customize the reading experience on a per-feed basis.

Top Feeds

Overwhelmed with the number of items from a feed? Limit feeds to a selection of its most popular stories.


Feedy supports Notifications in macOS, making sure you are always up to date on what is going on. In addition, Feedy's special menu bar icon will glow when new feed items are available.

Personal Keywords

Follow your interests using Feedy's personal keyword feature. Stories matching your keywords will be highlighted as top stories.

More Features

All your feeds as a single stream or sort by folders. Retina graphics. Favorites. Search.

What's New in Feedy v2.0

With version 2.0, Feedy is now FREE! New features and improvements include:

  • Improved algorithm for generating popularity ratings
  • Story popularity displayed graphically in the list
  • Ability to import and export feeds using OPML-files
  • Feeds limited by popularity more accurate and useful
  • Ability to view filtered stories from limited feeds
  • Status label indicating when feeds were last updated
  • Option to scroll to top when new stories arrive
  • Option to mark stories as read when scrolled into view
  • Improved thumbnail and summary retrieval
  • Fixed many issues, improved overall behavior & more